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【本週特價】特選什錦火鍋海鮮包 - 特选什锦火锅海鲜包 - HOTPOT SEAFOOD MIX 2LB/PK

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Product Of Origin: Vietnam

Expiration Date: 07/25/2024


隆重推介我們的HOTPOT SEAFOOD MIX —— 一道由上乘海鮮原料調製而成的美味組合。品嚐帶殼蝦的甜美、嫩滑的小八爪魚和多汁的切片魷魚。享受去骨羅非魚片的溫和口感和切塊梭子蟹的奢華風味。沉浸在蛤蜊、青口及Q彈魚丸的豐富滋味中。每一口都散發著海洋的清香, 讓您的火鍋體驗昇華!

Introducing our HOTPOT SEAFOOD MIX – a divine medley of premium ingredients. Delight in the sweetness of shell-on shrimp, tender baby octopus, and succulent carving squid. Enjoy the mildness of boneless tilapia fillet and the luxurious taste of cut swimming crab. Revel in the flavors of cooked whole clam, mussel, and the delightful bounce of fish ball. Elevate your hotpot experience with this tantalizing blend of the finest seafood treasures. Unleash the ocean's goodness in every spoonful and savor the symphony of tastes that await you!