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【禮月中秋】義美棗泥蛋黃酥6入禮盒 - 义美枣泥蛋黄酥6入礼盒 - I MEI GIFT MOON CAKE EGG YOLK 6PC (DATE)

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Product of Origin: Taiwan

Expiration Date:05/03/2024


月餅屬於薄皮酥質食品,運輸途中顛簸及高溫易產生表皮軟化或碎裂情況,在不影響食用及口感的情況下暫不支持商品退換。 倉庫會嚴格把控溫度控制以及產品包裝,我們會盡最大努力減少商品破損問題的發生,請介意的客人謹慎下單。

Mooncakes are delicate pastries with thin and flaky crusts. During transportation, they may experience jolts during transportation and high temperatures, leading to softening or cracking of the outer layer. While we strive to ensure the best quality, we do not currently support product returns or exchanges if it does not affect the edibility and taste of the mooncakes. Our warehouse strictly controls temperature and packaging to minimize product damage. We kindly ask our customers to place orders with caution, considering these factors.