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桂冠芝麻湯圓 - 桂冠芝麻汤圆 - LAUREL RICE BALL-SESAME

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200g / pack

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Expiration Date: 01/15/2024

Traditional sesame flavor. Fresh ingredients are carefully selected, ground, and then blended into a fragrant filling. Wrap it in the glutinous rice dumplings made by ancient methods. Each glutinous rice ball is an traditional flavor that can only be tasted when we were young.

傳統芝麻風味。嚴選新鮮食材,研磨,再調和成香濃口感的内餡。 包入古法製作的湯圓糯米皮内。每一顆湯圓都是小時候才能嘗到的古早風味。