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馬玉山紫米黑芝麻糊 - 马玉山紫米黑芝麻糊 - GREENMAX SC/BAG PPL RICE & BLK SSM CEREA

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30g* 14包

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Expiration Date:03/01/2025

Greenmax black sesame power. Strictly select high-quality purple rice, black sesame seeds and a variety of precious ingredients, every sip is full of rich grain aroma, real ingredients. 99 Fresh is an online asian grocery store and provides a complete range of Chinese groceries.

嚴選上等紫米、黑芝麻及多種珍貴食材,每一口都喝的到濃郁穀物香,真材實料。99 Fresh提供品種最齊全的亞洲商品。

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